But God... A word of Empowerment for 2015 / by Ryan Cole

As we move further into 2015 I wanted to share what the Lord has spoken to me about this year! You can watch my video for some great empowerment or some of the main points are listed right below the video!


When you think of this year all you need to remember is BUT GOD…

In the Hebrew language each number is represented by Hebrew letters, a word or a picture.  There are certain numbers such as the number 15 that are not written with a 1 and a 5 for fear of irreverently using or writing the sacred name of God because the numbers together spell the root of the name of God… Yod-Hey, which means, “to be”.

Simply put… this year defined by the eternal name of God himself. You are going to see the reflection and Glory of God revealed in your life like never before.

I believe that this is the year where you will continually be saying BUT GOD... because this is a year where the supernatural power of God is going to cause situations and circumstances that were against you to be turned around and you are going to be left saying But God.

In the Jewish calendar we have already been in the new year for a while now, since around September, and we are in the new year of 5775. 5 is a number that represents “Grace” and 7 is a number representing completion.

I believe that over the past several years God has been doing a work of restoration in our hearts and positioning us through the healing of our souls to be able to walk into the promise of the Kingdom that is here for us to walk in. That work on the inside has entered it’s season of completion and now we are moving forward in the grace of God. The grace that goes before us and the grace of God that goes behind us. There is grace for you going into this year, to complete everything that God has placed on your heart, and there is grace that will carry you out of this year.

I am declaring that this is the year of an open heaven because of that work of complete Grace. If you look at the number 5775 you will see that it is the same forward and backwards. The number is a mirror image within it self. I am declaring that this is a year where heaven is going to be mirrored in the earth. This is a year of the release of the Glory of God like never before. We are going to reflect God’s Kingdom and nature in a way that has never been seen before…not because of our own works but because of the completed work of Grace within us.

We have to remember in hearing this word from God that Every Promise is released based on Position and Posture. Remember these words Promise --> Position & Posture. That means that we are going to have to posture ourselves in prayer and worship to hear the voice of God and then move in obedience to position ourselves and aligning ourselves with the word of God. This is where we become free and open channels for the Glory of God to move through us. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming to the earth through the believer. Heaven is within us and it is time for us to Release…