Quick Turkey Burger Recipe / by Ryan Cole

On my journey to losing 100lbs I made some commitments of "eliminating the options" especially when it came to certain foods that I would no longer eat! Let me go ahead and expose the truth...I was a fast food junkie! At that point I was single and I ate most, if not all of my meals from whatever fast food place that I drove by! I was lead by the momentary desire instead of planning for my future! Can you relate?

I know we are all so busy and that can be our excuse forever. We can never have an excuse that will compensate for a lack of planning.

When we fail to plan we plan to fail!

I knew that if I was going to change my lie and get healthy, then meal planning would be key. So because I am a man on the go all the time I had to have certain meals that I came up with that were quick and healthy all at the same time! Turkey Burgers was one of those meals!

Ingredients: (The great thing about this recipe is that you can play around and add any other vegetables to spice it up like peppers!)

Lean Ground Turkey Meat, Bourbon Brown Sugar Seasoning, Yellow Mustard, 1 Egg, Chopped Onions. I used Spinach for the Burger and Thin Whole Wheat 100 calorie buns! You can add whatever other veggie here that you prefer as well as condiments like ketchup!