3 Ways to Overcome Fear by Ryan Cole

Fear is something we have all encountered. It is the enemy's weapon of choice and is executed through various intimidation tactics. Fear is a great display of smoke and mirrors that create a false depiction of what really is. I've heard it be said that Fear can be defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is the re-framing of reality. Often times it holds the same elements of the truth but with a little lie mixed in. This is the great deception. The truth is that... the enemy does not have control over any part of your life. But how is it that we give him so much credit? Well, if the enemy can place a mirage in front of you, and make you believe that something is there that really isn't, then he has captivated your thoughts.

Thoughts are what shape our world. Thoughts are the building blocks of a culture. The environment you live in is a product of how you think. It's the power of perspective. Everything about your life can change in the blink of an eye...the moment you decide to think differently. It's not that circumstances necessarily change right away...but how you view the circumstances will determine whether or not you overcome.  

The opposite of fear is faith.

Fear is birthed out of a false sense of self. Fear is established because of ignorance, why? Because fear thrives in darkness. I’m afraid…because I am not quite sure of the outcome.

Faith is birthed out of the knowledge of God. Faith thrives in the unknown because that means there is unlimited possibility! 

So how do you get rid of fear?

1. Fear thrives in environments of negativity! Just 30 minutes of negativity a day can restrict your mobility and your decision making ability! Most of don't realize that by starting our day on social media or listening to the news can send us into a downward spiral of fear for the rest of our day! 

Instead, use the first 30 minutes of your day to pray and to make positive declarations over your life. Maybe do it while your getting dressed or in the shower...but get it done. The first decision of your day effects the entire day. Make it a positive one. 

2. Fear enjoys hiding behind the mask of perfection. Don't get me wrong, God loves excellence, but what the enemy will do is come in with thoughts that fuel your insecurities. You're so afraid that you won't be accepted if you are not perfect or you are so afraid that you won't succeed at something unless all the chips are lined up perfectly. 

Face it....life is not perfect. But the imperfections are what make everything beautifully unique. It's how we grow...it's how we gain wisdom. Remember that God will give you beauty for ashes! What does that mean? It means sometimes things aren't gonna work out as perfectly as you planned...but God will still get glory from it. Stop worrying about making everything perfect and just move forward! God is the one who will bring the perfection! All you have to do is bring what you have...he's not asking for anything more. .

Fear leaves the moment that you realize that you can't do things by yourself...but that you can do all things with CHRIST!

3. Fear loves to hide in the silence. Fear manifests itself as a kidnapper who ties you up and places masking tape over your mouth! The silence becomes an internal scream until your emotions are all over the place. 

Nothing crushes fear more than talking about your fears with someone you trust. You can't do life alone, and it's important to recognize that! The moment you verbalize the truth of how you are feeling is the moment that the cycle of fear begins to reverse. I'm not talking about a pity party...but I am talking about meaningful conversations with individuals who can bring some healthy perspective to your situation.

One healthy conversation can help you to see that what you are facing has already been overcome by thousands of individuals over the years. 

There's nothing new under the sun and the devil doesn't have any more tricks in his bag. If one person can overcome it then so can you! 

Finally, what I have learned is that fear is demolished the moment you become inspired. Look up stories of inspiring people. Those who overcame the odds to become champions! Look to those in the bible who were not perfect, but became world changers because they refused to give up. Use the strategies that they applied to their lives to spark a change in yours! 

Every successful person will have to confront and overcome fear in their lifetime. Fear is an indication that you've hit a new marker on the road to success. It's testing you to see how bad you really want it. Those who endure past fear and walk with faith are the ones that the world will talk about for generations to come!